New on Book Pages: Community Reviews and Who Shelved the Book

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Book Reviews

New things have just popped up on the BookLikes book pages. Now you can look through BookLikes Community reviews and discover who has added the book to the bookshelf. 


To view the reviews, please go to a Book Page and click Community Reviews headline. 




Then you'll be moved to the BL Community Review page where you can sort the book reviews by the publish date, the rating stars, the popularity, and the language. 


Book Reviews



When you go back to the Book Page, you'll see a new box on the right. It's titled On shelves and presents the BookLikes bloggers who have shelved the book. Click the box's heading to see all people who read, are currently reading or are planning to read this title. It's also a great way to discover other bloggers and meet the readers with a similar reading taste. 


Book on shelves


Updates & Tips


- We've updated the sort by author option on your shelves. The sorting works by last name of the first author. 


- We're working now on tools which will help you to switch a book on your shelf to a desirable edition. The works on the book moderators features are also in progress. Thank you for your patience and contribution, and sorry for any book troubles.


We're open 24/7 and ready to help you out with all kinds of issue. If you notice that a book needs to be fixed or combined, please do let us know at a special book fix mail:


You can also use the Need help box on the left (we receive and answer to all the messages), or leave a note is the discussion room: Database Errors


Please address all the messages concerning the book database to the email or choose one of the other mentioned places. It will help us a lot. Thank you. 


You can also contact our Team with any general questions and suggestions at