Glass Houses {ReBlog}

Reblogged from Lornographic Material:

I'm going to attempt to add some clarity to the madness that ensued on another post this afternoon. 


An author was accused of being a thief. The author responded, defending himself, and it seemed as if he might actually be innocent, that it all might be a case of mistaken identity. All this was brought to light in the first place by a group known as STGRB in an attempt to put a blight on this author's reputation. This author had made public his distaste for BBAs and their activities several times (including, but not limited to, sock-puppet reviews and falsely labeling certain reviewers bullies). All would have been sorted, eventually, I think if his Twitter account hadn't come into question. 


Here we have an author who's been using bots to artificially inflate his Twitter following. In my eyes and many others', this is no different from the activities of the BBAs he stated he was so against. Really, what's the difference between shilling reviews and building a social media presence with false accounts? Both can be used to further your career. Then, when confronted with these fake followers, he began calling everyone a bully. I honestly couldn't give a shit anymore if he's a thief or not. That's no longer the issue. The issue is this: his actions were no better than those he claimed to dislike. 


This entire situation proves the old saying, "Those that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."