Rant: Authors Who Complain About Reviewers Need to STFU {ReBlog}

It's disappointing to see a self published author I enjoy lashing out at reviews on her Facebook. I was going to write a rave review of her latest release on my blog, but now I will refrain. The more self published authors complain about reviewers, the more I don't want to buy, read, mention or review their books. As an author who self publishes, this is disheartening. Any author, self published, epublished or traditionally published complains about reviewers in public will no longer be acknowledged by me. Also authors who have hit the NYT or USA Today and complain how bad reviews ruin their sales needs to STFU. I'm so over this.


The Facebook in question: https://www.facebook.com/TheRealJSterling/posts/688828627826525?stream_ref=10