Real names, articles and vomit {ReBlog}

I've read some virulently racist and anti-semitic sites, some from intellectuals like Texe Marrs, some from ridiculously stupid people like Aryan Nation. But this one is really an eye-opener, it concentrates on utter hatred for Jews (and like all anti-semites totally overestimates Jewish ability - Helen Suzman is credited with freeing South Africa and installing Nelson Mandela!)  but has plenty on the evils of non-whites and multiculturalism and is of course, homophobic. They misquote the Bible, attributing racism and anti-semitism to Jesus's words when it suits them.  Whether or not you are a follower of Christianity (I'm not, I'm an apatheist), that is right out of left court.


See what you think The Occidental Observer whose tag line is "White identity, Interests and Culture". The authors of the articles and reviews are extremely happy to give their real names the better to promote the spread of hatred. Check Author Archives and also Topics.


There is a book I sell well in the shop, Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean. Jews, mostly of Spanish/Portuguese, origin, who wandered about a bit after the Inquisition became traders in the Caribbean as they were forbidden to work for Christians, own land or slaves. Some of them became traders of the left hand - pirates. I wonder if the Occidental Observer got a hold of this book, there would suddenly be articles on how the Jews dominated the slave trade?  LOL.  That would be their style.