The Author Who Cried "Bully"

You can't play the victim if you're going to pick fights.

The thing about these so-called "bullied" authors?

They were the instigators.


They decided that they should have the final say in the opinions of those who read their books.


They picked the fight...


And they lost.


Nothing makes me more disgusted than when I see an author claiming she's the victim of a crime on par with bullying (which, having been a bully victim myself back in high school, I can say is psychologically trying and the effects last for years- it totally fractures your personality and makes you never want to get out of bed again) is sickening.


Especially- especially - when I see these same authors saying horrible things about their readers. They get together like a gaggle of high school girls, except these people are adults and the things they say are far crueler than what most teenage-girls are capable of.


I've seen these people mock the appearance of their readers, make sexual/sexist/racist/ageist remarks about them, call them stupid or ugly, or losers, question their psychological and mental health, and accuse them of being jealous about their own (possible) failed careers as writers.


Yeah, that's right. I'm jealous I can't be a big, nasty jerk like you. You caught me.




If you said shit like that while you were the proprietor of the restaurant, and you were on the clock, you'd get slapped with a lawsuit so fast it would make your head spin.


Writers get a lot of slack, and some people - some cold-hearted, nasty people - take advantage of that, and use their blogs and their followers as mouthpieces for the vitriol that's a byproduct of toxic minds.


I respect my readers.


I know we won't always see eye-to-eye, and that some of them probably just won't like me for being the person I am, and it's taken a while, but I've come to accept that.


If someone takes the time to pick up one of my books, I'm grateful, even if they didn't like it. Sometimes the bad stuff hurts, but you know what? It makes the good stuff even better.


I am not my book.


Some of these authors don't get that.


And when they say horrible things, sometimes to readers who are half their age, they're saying it to real people, with real hearts, and real feelings.


That does far more damage than any negative review is capable of.


Not just to your precious fucking career, but to the person you insulted.


Internet bullying is a serious issue.


Don't do it.


You never know how close to heart someone might take your petty insults.