Authors reviewing each others books the right way

I just want to draw attention to how (hopefully the majority of) authors believe authors reviewing authors should work. It's really great to read and maybe GR should post it on the official authors group.
The rules:
"*** Please be aware that requests/offers for Reciprocal Reviews are not permitted in this group. We are also not a forum for authors to request reviews outside the official reviewing groups set up by the moderators. ***"
"It has recently come to my attention that some members believe they will get an easy ride here when it comes to review ratings, that being reviewed by our peers means we will empathise with the difficulties of writing and be more lenient.
Let me make it quite clear that this is not the case. We want members who will be as professional in writing their reviews as they are in writing their books. We're not looking for inflated ratings, we're looking for more honest reviews for our work. A review is written by a reader for the benefit of other readers. The author has no place in this process other than to read their reviews and, if they are wise, see if there is something they can learn from them.
Another misconception regards what is acceptable when you have easy access to your reviewer and a handy thread to post your feelings about the reviews you receive.
It is NOT acceptable to respond to reviews you receive here with anything other than a 'thank you'.
We often don't agree with the opinions expressed in a review, but the reader has a right to that opinion and, since you have decided to publish your book, the right to express that opinion in a review. They have done you the courtesy of reading your work and taken the time to review it so just be grateful to them. The alternative is being a writer with no readers, forgotten in the wilderness inhabited by thousands of other books. 
Apart from it being totally unprofessional for an author to respond to a review, it is unfair to try and take advantage of knowing your reviewer will be around to read your comments, along with group members and everyone else who browses this public forum.
This position is not negotiable. Action will be taken against members who abuse their membership."
These were both written by the author Jay Howard