A Time For Dancing Review

A Time for Dancing - Davida Wills Hurwin

Time For Dancing is such a beautiful written book.


The story goes two best friends growing up together with their first love of dance with an unexpected turn when Jules get the news that she has cancer. She does any thing and everything she can to be alone and figure out what to do about handling the news even if it means pushing her best friend Sam away.


The plot line was written very realistic that book almost felt as it was real rather than fiction. This book is definitely recommand for those who either like realistic fiction or friendship or any one who can relate to knowing someone has cancer or had cancer (depending on the situation at the time) Five stars!


Also for those who are wondering yes this book is very hard to find in book stores. I mean really hard that I found it online and there another book store online (unless you live in Portland, Oregon you get to go to the store I'm sure) here are the bookstores that have or it at least one sold out of it and the other has 2 left so.




http://bookoutlet.com/ (this is where I got this book but now it all sold out. You can get a different book from the same author but it won't be the same)