Black Water Review

Black Water - T.J. MacGregor

I read this at the beginning at either middle school or high school for fun. I liked how the author did a couple of references from the 60s like Janis Joplin but the whole plot line and basically every thing felt very unrealistic to me. Going to an Island where it stays in the 1960s era and no one never changes, they all stay the same. It didn't feel real or like a fantasy novel at all.

I'm sure that their are a lot of people who would like to stay the same and not change as the older they get but let all be real that just fantasy. In the real world people change, they grow up and get older and older they become.

1 star for me. I would have given it two just for Janis Joplin (I'm mean she the first rock 'n' roll/blues singer and she is one of my favorite but than that wouldn't be fair and I wouldn't felt right about it afterwards either. Sorry