A Place to Rest My Heart - Galen Rose 2.5 this book went by really fast. There were some parts that were good and some parts that I didn't like or get but it was good book.With the whole working at the bar then admitting that she knows how to fight because a matrial art teacher was at the shelter to teach people how to defend themselves to punching Sean that landed her to work at woo security. This whole book kind of went fast. I understand why she decided to leave the bar to work for security job but she could've waited maybe a few chapter later on like when she met James again then go and decide to work for a security team or something.The beginning part when the Muldoon family takes her in to live with them to learning that they knew her parents. I'm sorry but if you knew who her parents were then you wouldn't have treated her like a stray then making her part of a the family to droping that you knew her parents. If it was because they either forgot about her or thought she was dead or it didn't take until a few days later to learn who Laney was then that was fine and acceptable I guess but to hold it for a few months (i believe it was a few months in the book) it really stupid.