The Robber's Bride Review

The Robber Bride - Margaret Atwood

The Robbers Bride by Margaret Atwood is one of the best work she has done with her writing from what I've read from her so far.


How can three women with the man of their dreams be stolen by someone as manipulative as Zenia is. The story can go so far from what you until it gone then comes back after being used by someone who doesn't really love anyone but herself and prefers to ruin other people life instead. Charis/Karen story made me cry and felt so sorry for and what she been through as a child to an adult. Tony was amazing and Roz was very much aware of her situation with Mitch but didn't admit until she knew on her own that the two were completely over and shouldn't have been together from the start.


This is my third or fourth book by Ms. Atwood and I love her stories that she creates. It makes the reader craving more in the story. 5 stars for me