Wallbanger - Alice Clayton 3.5“Why do all men seem to think they need to rescue a woman? Are we not capable of rescuing our damn selves? Why do I need to be rescued? I don’t need a man to rescue me, and I certainly don’t need no wallbanging, Purina-fucking, listening-at-my-wall-like-a-goddamn-psycho coming over here to rescue me! You got that, mister?” ”Fucking Wallbanger,” I hissed, frozen on the spot.“Fucking Pink Nightie Girl,” he finally concluded. “Asshole” I mouthed to him.“Cockblocker,” he mouthed back, the smirk returning in full force. “Why are you such a manwhoring asshole?” I asked, my face inches from his.“Why are you such a cockblocking priss?” he asked.this came from a twilight fanfic? And this is what Bella and Edward are suppose to be in the fanfic? And that whole 'woman shouldn't need rescue' Bella says to Edward in the fanfic? If those lines were in the twilight book then the book would've have been better than how they came out.Caroline can stick up for herself and Simon doesn't take crap from anyone.