Selling Scarlett Review

Selling Scarlett -

There were soo many things wrong with this book. Before reading this book off my nook (it free by the way on both nook and kindle) I was very skeptical about reading as I read many other people reviews about saying how the characters were similar to the characters in fifty shades (mainly the dude than the chick but still)


One thing that usually bothers me is spelling errors. I don't mind every misspelled word here and there but there plenty. Not on every single page but plenty. There was line that really made my eyebrow raised wondering if this was a real word


"It made my stomach churns." I literately don't know if that a real word or not but that really bother me a lot mainly because that would be another word for vomit. *Update* I wanted to be clear for those who think I might be saying something completely different. What I meant was that what was about to happen to Libby was wrong but the word 'churns' made me feel that was another word for vomit. Almost as if Libby was about to vomit her guts out as to what was about to happen to her. That all.


The storyline didn't sound so bad but the characters were really not what I was hoping to be. I would maybe recommand as the storyline is good as it about brothel (sort of) and near the end human trafficking a little bit but that it. The characters are really not the brightest characters (in a sense)