BookLikes Team is Growing - Welcome Dominika to the BookLikes team :-)

Reblogged from BookLikes:

As BookLikes continuous to grow, naturally so does our staff. Please meet Dominika, our new Marketing Manager who will help us expand BookLikes' reach and discover new literary lands! :-)



Please help us welcome Dominika :-) 


Hello Booklikers!

As today is my first day in our booklikes hub I was pleased to meet the lovely team here and now I am looking forward to get to know all of you. Oh and… this isn’t an April Fools joke, I’m planing on hanging around for a while!



You know the rest of our team, Daniel and PaweĊ‚ in the background are BookLikes' software engineers who make all those awesome things for Thursday releases, you can mail Kate who is our community manager with any question, and David, who recently is a photography freak, created BookLikes with his wife, Joanna.  


Have a wonderful day! :-)