Article on Goodreads Author Friendship {ReBlog}

Just saw this posting on Twitter and followed the link back to the article.


I hope that Goodreads fixes this today or comes back to the thread and tells us why they are not.

I feel really bad that I had to unfollow so many authors I considered friends on Goodreads last week. If I haven't read your works I think it's wrong to claim I am a fan of your work. And I also don't like that when I go through my home page now I can see my other friends who are fans of an author with a huge button to also follow/become a fan of that author. 




So yeah. That's it. For all authors that I used to follow on Goodreads I am sorry but I am not following anyone that is an author anymore. Please don't send me any friend requests either. I am totally fine with discussing books here on BookLikes and please follow me here and let's discuss books :-). 


Posted 2 hours and 23 minutes ago: 


So from the Author Group message Patrick actively wants to discourage authors being friends with members and having the ability to message each other. He wants authors to accept Followers only. Why would he want to encourage such a separation? Is it because with friends we would only get the updates we choose and with being a Follower we would get everything the author posts plus it would automatically go into our feed for our friends to see?

In other words Patrick thinks friendship is irrelevant to authors, his agenda is promotion all the way - you don't need friends, you want a target market!
UPDATE 2: Yeah where my authors at?!
message 518: by Patrick, Director, Author Marketing

Thanks for all your comments and suggestions everyone. It’s clear that there’s some fine-tuning needed here so we’ve decided to change a few things up based on your feedback:

* We have made Friends and Following two separate actions. The authors you were friends with will now just remain your friends, and you'll only be shown as a friend and not a follower on their profiles. If you want to see their blog and get updates about new releases from them, you can then choose to follow them as well. Any Followings that were created based on people being Friends with an author will now be rolled-back. You don’t have to take any action for this to happen. 

* We're going to merge the people you follow and authors you follow list into one list on your profile page. You still have a way to see just the authors you follow through a link, but it won't be shown separately on your profile page. You will also be able to do this just for the readers you follow. 

* If you are friends with an author or if an author is following you, you will be able to see this when you are looking at that author’s profile.

Hopefully this works better for everyone . I’m really sorry for the inconvenience of this. We have definitely learned a lot and will take extra care when releasing a new feature like this in the future.

Thanks so much for taking the time to give feedback. It’s really great to get the thoughts of our power users on changes we make, and the Feedback Group’s thoughts have been very helpful here.