Goodreads Director of Author Marketing says re-evaluating recent changes in fan-follow-friend authors; announcing decision on Monday {ReBlog}

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Maybe goodreads would at least consider making "favorite" readily visible on the author pages again.


(Boy, I'd really love to know what survey question led to hiding something like that.


For readers, it was already there so was either used or not—don't see why they'd want it hidden now.  


For authors, I really cannot imagine why they would object to becoming someone's "favorite author." -- even the most out there BBA shouldn't mind unless they convinced themselves it was sarcastically meant so was another way to "bully" a book.


I really think for the next survey goodreads should use a different group or even random people in the street ... or put up a poll right there on goodreads to really survey active members even knowing would get spammed by author socks like the listopias.)


Exact comment made is at: 


(I somehow suspect reader feedback reactions had as much to do with the reconsideration as hard statistics on how the change was impacting author/reader connections. ) 


Personally, I had unfollowed all my authors on goodreads (regrettably, I liked reading all their blogs in one place) when Q&A drowned out my feed.  Sadly, I can now see that some I friended are no longer goodreads authors by choice or because got banned (usually for the crime of supporting a reviewer).