So I know this has been passed around, but... {ReBlog}

Reblogged from Grimlock ♥ Ultra Magnus:

Kathleen Hale says judge didn't punish her for dumping hydrogen peroxide on a girl's head.



Here's my issue: 


" When the previews started, I went up to Lori.

“You’re fat,” I shouted. And then I poured the entire bottle of hydrogen peroxide on her head."


The police caught Hale. 


"They caught me, obviously. They took my mug shot and tried to make a trial of it. But once again some judge said, “What’s going on here?” and told them to go back to luring lost dogs into their squad cars with ham. That’s what my mom told me anyway."


What in the actual fuck?    A judge was like, hey, you dumped chemicals on a girl, but the police are obviously persecuting you?   


What.   The.  Hell?


No, seriously, this happened?   How did she not make it to trial?